It is the policy of the Cumberland Meat Packers Ltd Directors to provide high quality beef cuts and beef dice to its customers. Within the service offered we are committed to meet all requirements including regulatory, customer and social requirements. In doing so we will ensure that we are conforming to the Company’s long term objectives, requisite statutory and safety regulations and will maintain customer satisfaction at the highest economic level.

Cumberland Meat Packers Ltd are completely committed to provide a consistently high level of service to our customers and to continually improve the effectiveness of our management system.

In order to achieve this, the Company supports a fully integrated Documented Quality System. The ultimate responsibility for the operation of this Quality System rests with the Managing Director.

The Documented Quality System ensures that the Company can fulfil contractual obligations by:

Ensuring that all activities which directly affect the safety, legality and quality of service are carried out under controlled conditions.

Continuous monitoring and analysis of quality indicators which provide the feedback to enable quality improvement against Customer needs and expectations.

Ensuring that the Quality System, which has been designed to comply with the requirements of EFSIS Technical Standard, continues to reflect those audits carried out by Certification and
Customer audits.

Providing up-to-date instruction and training to all personnel together with the promotion or quality awareness.

We are committed to provide resources to maintain and improve the management system in order to enhance customer satisfaction and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

The management will ensure that this policy is communicated, understood and implemented at all levels in the organisation. All staff will be required to comply.

Hugh Leman, Managing Director

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